Saturday, May 15, 2010


I think these two scanned tintypes are the most interesting of all my old photos. They are of my great grandfather, Thomas Jefferson Mobley and my great grandmother, Hannah Deaver. They are my mother's paternal grandparents. Everyone always looks so stern or lacking in emotion in these old pics, but I think ole T. J. looks a bit wild and crazy, don't you?

Thomas Jefferson Mobley was born in Maryland on 19 Aug 1808, married Hannah on 18 Mar 1830 in Belmont County, OH, and died in Salem, NE on 17 Sept 1878. They had 8 children including my maternal grandfather, Lewis Cass Mobley. T. J.'s parents were Levin Mobley and Nancy Tucker. He was child # 9 of 10!!

I swear that Hannah here looks like she would wash your mouth out with soap if you said a bad word!! I guess being a mom of 8 could do that to you. Hannah Deaver was born in Harford County, MD, on 15 Aug 1812 and died 25 Feb 1897, in Salem, NE. I think 85 was remarkable for that time. It seems that I come from a long line of long lived old ladies. I like that!!!
Hannah's parents were Richard and Elizabeth Deaver of Maryland. She was the second of 6 daughters! It looks like she met T. J. in Maryland, they moved to Ohio and then to Nebraska. The rest is history, as they say.
One of the things I love about genealogy is that it gives you the chance to see your own family in the context of the history of this country and other countries. My ancestors, for the most part, came to America when it was still a colony and the families migrated across the country with millions of others. I'm sure some fought in the Revolution and I know of a few who fought in the Civil War and the Mexican War. It just makes all the history I studied in school come alive. My family was part of all of that. Cool!!

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  1. Amazing research you're doing, Barbara. Yes..long lives, many kids....hard work! She does look a tad cranky, doesn't she?? Not a lot to smile about in those days??


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