Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Here is the lastest member of the family. His provisional name is Cody. I found him out front the morning after the storm moved thru, all wet and dirty, but purring up a storm. He's a cream point with a lot of Siamese in him. I asked around and no one I talked to knew where he belonged so I guess I'll keep him. I know, don't need another mouth to feed, but what else could I do?

Yesterday I took Cody to the vet to get checked out and be sure he didn't have any communicable diseases. Even tho she doesn't usually do surgeries on Mondays, the vet offered to neuter him so I left him there and ran some errands. (I guess it was a slow day.) I picked him up yesterday afternoon all groggy from the anesthesia, but still purring. All his tests came back negative except he has ear mites and hook worms. A dose or two of Revolution should take care of that. He slept most all of the afternoon and evening. And he's about 7 - 8 months old and weighs 7 lbs, which is just about perfect for his age.

This morning he was back to his cuddly, purry self. I've been racking my brain to try to come up with an appropriate name for him and Cody seems to be the top pick. He's residing in the back bedroom with some of the older guys who are a bit hissy, but will accept him when he stops smelling like the vet. Here are a couple of pictures of Cody and one of Ben and Jerry, his new big brothers. Isn't there quite the family resemblance?


Cody - look at that tail!

Ben (l) and Jerry (r)


  1. Now that is a crew of handsome little "men" you have there. Glad Cody got a clean bill of health except for the mites & worms, which is no biggie.

  2. Ben and Jerry are 9 years old and very sweet.

  3. Definitely a great addition to the family and they look like they all are brothers. What a neato playroom you have for all those critters.....wish I had a separate room for mine. Do you use this room for anything else?

  4. Cody is absolutely beautiful! I'm glad that he has found himself in such a perfect, loving home.

  5. They are so cute and look like they are related,I love my cuties so much.


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