Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I'm posting before and after pictures of my latest project. I have some kitty condos in my living room for the cats to eat in, sleep in, etc. They are mulitlevel cages. They also help when they need to be stowed away out of trouble. Like crating your dog. Anyway, the shelves all had carpet on them and no matter how much I vacuumed them, I just couldn't get them to look clean. In addition, some were rather worn from being uses as scratching posts. So I decided to recover them. I used some quilted fabric I had and made a sleeve for each shelf. That way they can be removed and laundered if necessary and they don't hold the cat hair and litter dust like the carpet. The kitties were a little cautious of the new coverings at first, but now I think they like them. And they are so easy to keep clean.

The covers were very easy to make. The hardest part of the project was removing the old carpeting. Ugh!!! They must have used a million staples! In the pictures you will see a bit of the hammocks that are in some of the condos. They were made by a friend who volunteers for a local animal adoption group. Very cute and the kitties just love them.



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  1. WOW! Great job, it looks so clean and comfy. The fabric will be so much easier to keep clean. Way to go!


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